Anxiety & Depression

There is nothing worse than the sudden onset of heart palpitations, churning in your stomach and the feelings of wanting to faint.Fear is a state of alarm, disquiet or dread caused by the expectation of danger, pain or disaster, It doesn’t always make sense. You say “oh no, not again!” “Why is this happening to me?”This is all part of the body response to a trigger. I have lived through panic attacks and general anxiety and with the help of a therapist found deep wounds that needed healing.

We all experience unwanted events that we profoundly wish would never occur. Difficult parents or children, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, traffic jams, poor health and traumatic childhood all have a way of inflicting hurt, pain and disappointment on our otherwise happy existence.

Anxiety And Depression Counselling

During therapy I help you identify your triggers, give you tools to deal with them so that in time those feelings that overwhelm you and embarrass you will stop. Don’t listen to those inner voices that say ‘this is stupid, I should be able to stop it’. You are normal and can move past that overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

Many of us feel sad but this is not depression. It is bigger than feelings and is not a sign of weakness. Few people like depression. Yet there is hope. Your body may be showing you something – depression can provide clues to a better life. There is information in or under that depression that can help you. More than 4% of us deal with depression so as a therapist I will work with you and possibly your doctor to move past the hopelessness that you feel. Distorted thoughts, emotional numbness and sometimes body chemistry can lead to depression. Therapy works on all those areas. I will help you by empathic listening, probing for the root cause and giving you tools to deal with the thoughts and emotions.

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, please call me at 604-312-6674 or email me at [email protected] so that we can begin your healing journey together.