Anxiety – Oh no not again!

“Why now? Why is this happening to me? I feel like I am going to die.”

There is nothing worse than the sudden onset of heart palpitations, churning in your stomach and the feelings of wanting to faint.

You say “oh no, not again!” “Why is this happening to me?”

It can stop!

This is all part of the body response to a trigger. During therapy I help you identify your triggers, give your tools to deal with them so that in time those feelings that overwhelm you and embarrass you will stop. Don’t listen to those inner voices that say ‘this is stupid, I should be able to stop it’.

You are not alone in experiencing these feelings of panic or anxiety. Many of us have dealt with these horrifying experiences and sometimes we are afraid to go out in case a trigger happens and the panic begins. I understand this because I have been a victim of panic in my life. Do you want to begin to change your experience? I can help you.

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