Couples Counselling

Marriage Counselling and Pre-Marital Counselling

Do you feel lonely or stressed in your relationship? Would you like to be connected emotionally with your partner?

The Answer: Couples Counselling Works!

Couples often find it easier to speak to each other and say things they need to say in front of a counsellor because it is a safe and confidential place to explore concerns. Being able to let your guard down and feel safe with your partner opens the door for intimacy and connection to take place.

I will work with you, giving you tools, facilitating warm and safe communication to allow you to regain that trust that has been lost. You will find yourself in a healthier place of intimacy and connection through the process of counselling.

How do you create a safe environment for open discussion? And how do you listen in a understanding way? It is possible despite where your relationship is at right now. Don’t give up!

Couples Counselling Does Work

The goal of couple’s therapy is to have a safe and protective environment where you can understand your differences and sameness, learn how to communicate and find options for problem solving. To learn acceptance and tolerance of our differences, to offer compassion and understanding, how to set boundaries and say yes or no.

Conflict is Normal and Healthy

Two people, each from different backgrounds and with different ideas, are bound to have differences and conflicts. In fact, where there is no possibility of conflict, one could say there is not a possibility of relationship. The issue is not how a couple can avoid conflict, but, how a couple can work through the conflict in order to have a better understanding of self and one’s partner.

I understand that bringing up issues is a difficult task, and you and your partner may feel anxious and uncomfortable about coming to counselling. This is a normal and common feeling.

Pre-Marital Counselling

This is the one aspect that most couples overlook during their wedding preparations. The wedding often takes precedence over the marriage, and couples fail to plan for their developing marriages. Premarital counselling can be a very helpful investment in a happy, loving married life.

People who come from different family backgrounds, experiences and mindsets deal with issues differently. Our different temperaments, values and personalities, as well as emotional baggage can play a major role in how we treat our partners and potential relationship issues. Premarital counselling provides a toolkit to help manage potentially harmful issues that stem from our differences. A good marriage requires not only trust and commitment, but partners should also be willing to assess their own processes, rather than laying the blame on their partner.

The purpose of premarital counselling is to prepare couples for the changing dynamics of married life. While a partner’s quirks may be cute and adorable during the courting days, it may become irritating as time goes by. Premarital counselling provides an ideal opportunity for a couple to explore their relationship dynamics and to explore areas of potential conflict or issues. It will help them to develop the essential communication skills they will need to negotiate conflict.

Premarital counselling will help a couple to resolve their differences in a way that empowers the individuals while strengthening their emotional connection. Therapists use a number of strategies to help develop healthy and strong relationships by laying a firm foundation for a solid relationship. Premarital counselling helps to build a thriving marriage on the foundation of two healthy, conscious partners.

Whether you’re looking to inquire about or book a couples therapy, marriage counselling, or pre-marital counselling session with me, my goal is to provide a safe and protective environment where you can both understand your differences and sameness. My main priority is to help you learn how to communicate and find options for problem solving. To learn acceptance and tolerance of our differences, to offer compassion and understanding, how to set boundaries and say yes or no.

The Enrich Canada Program

This program can help prepare you for marriage or enrich the relationship you already have. As part of the program, you will complete a couple inventory to help assess your couple strengths and growth areas. A report will be provided to you and your counselor. Together, you will review the results and develop a strategy to build on your strengths and overcome your challenges. Click on the link above and find out more about this great program.

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