Grief & Loss

Why is it taking so long for me to feel better? You may be asking this question after only a short time following the loss of a love one. Grief feels crazy at times and you want it to be over with so that you can feel normal again. Roller coaster emotions, foggy thinking and poor memory will take time to ease up. Accept the turmoil, allow it to come and go and this will lead to an eventual lessening of the symptoms. Each of us will experience grief and loss in individual and unique ways. I will help you understand your own personal journey through these very difficult but normal emotions.

The Stages Of Grief And Loss

The stages of grief are unique to each person. Grieving doesn’t happen in a straight line. It can look like anger or depression. None of us move through grief in the exact same way so one size does not fit all. There may be times when we just don’t even want to think about our loss. All these states are a perfectly natural parts of the grieving process.

The idea of grief and loss counselling is not to take those feelings, or give you a plan for ‘getting over it’. My expression of grief is intensely personal just as your is.  But counselling can help you make sense of your own reactions and help you experience your loss with humanity and grace.

When grief is combined with regret, shame or anger you can become upset with yourself. We will work together to help you place your emotions into context. It will not have to conform to a time frame or fixed set of stages.

You will be able to address your grief and loss without having to deal with those close to you sharing your raw state. You will be able to talk about your feelings in a way that helps you come to terms with the loss, understand the process of grieving and finally begin to move forward.

As a therapist I will create that safe place for you to share every part of yourself no matter what it looks like, sounds like or what others tell you it should look or sound like.

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