Interracial Relationships

Recently Statistic Canada reported that 4% of all relationships are interracial. In Canada, most of these couples are Canadian-born (as opposed to foreign-born). They may experience opposition and resistance from family, community, and even strangers, yet many find ways to overcome these obstacles.

When Arlene, a Filipino-Canadian woman, and Kay, a Tamil-Canadian man, entered into a relationship, they understood it would not be easy being an interracial couple. They began seeing each other five years ago, but only recently decided to introduce each other to their families.

In a recent interview with The Trauma & Mental Health Report, Arlene and Kay shared with us the challenges of being an interracial couple and how they overcame various obstacles.

Kay: We got together because of our personalities and not because of our differences. Those in denial are going to have to accept that these are naturally occurring things and they have to learn to accept it.

-Rachita Saini, Contributing Writer

To view the entire article please visit the Trauma and Mental Health Report.

Often starting a relationship with a solid foundation can help avoid pitfalls. Part of this foundation is knowing the obstacles and strengths. A therapist can help facilitate your self awareness as an individual and as a couple.

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